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Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014 :: Green Zine

Mark your calendar for Brooklyn Zine Fest!

On April 27, We'll be launching The Modern Travelers’ Green Zine. Inspired by Victor H. Green's mid-century guides titled The Negro Travelers' Green Book and The Negro Motorist Green-Book. The booklet will include illustrations, collages, food adventures, and culture. The first volume will focus on Philadelphia, PA. All photography by Jordan A Colbert and illustrations by Shannon Mustipher. Creative Direction & Art Direction by Adrian Franks and copy editing by Adriana Velez

What is a Zine? "An inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication"

Who is Victor H. Green? The Root describes Greene as "A Harlem postal worker and activist that developed a guide that would help African Americans travel throughout the country in a safe and comfortable manner." The Green Book was published from 1936-1964.