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Weekly Rewind :: Jewish Sammies, Cider, Jean-Georges Chefs & BK College

Spicy Paprika Shrimp, Tasso Ham & Fontina Grits :: Chef David Gross (Cook Hall Atlanta)

Hello sunshine, the week has ended. Enjoy the rewind!

Atlanta and Scottsdale collided at De Gustibus Cook School. Two Jean-George Restaurant chefs (Cook Hall and J&G Steakhouse) took me on a old vs. new culinary tour.

Sweet Pea Soup, Spring Carrots, Brie & Croutons :: Chef Jacques Qualin (J&G Steakhouse)

Listen to Noah Arenstein, owner of Scharf & Zoyer talk global sandwiches on Heritage Radio Network.

Get into Crispin Cider -- my alternative to an ice cold beer. I'm falling in lust with the Imported Browns Lane.

We believe eating is a political act, I joined Brooklyn College academia and other critical thinkers at The Future of Food Symposium.

Beatriz Beckford, Maria Marasigan, Nicole Taylor, Corbin Laedlin :: Brooklyn Food Activists


Westin Buckhead Atlanta on Hot Grease

The traveling down south episode, Nicole talks about traveling with Audra Edwards, the Sales Manager at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta. Nicole and Audra talk about planning vacations, as well as significance of the AAA and Forbes Travel Guide star ratings. Donnet Bruce is in the studio, and she shares some of her favorite South Florida hotel restaurants and bars. Find out where to get some great hole-in-the-wall Jamaican food! 

Listen here and read more.


Atlanta Nosh: Food Rebels Emerge

Atlanta is on the verge of introducing new food rebels and their legion of eaters to the world, or at least more local rumbling bellies. The Atlanta Nosh, previously the Atlanta Undergound Market, has come up from its days of secret location announcements to a most visible Atlantic Station location (easily viewed from 85 southbound). The market boasts 100 vendors, food wares and bites ranging from $1-$5, and a weekly Sunday adventure into these food finds now until crisp October. Overheard from the smacking lips of many attendees at the inaugural event, "I gotta pace myself" in the exploration of my findings. But, enjoy the first look at what will surely get better the deeper we get into summer heat and watering mouths.

photo credits: Danielle Deadwyler

condiments of modest concepts: cilantro-lime sauce and green chimichurri.

modest concepts (personal chef/catering): veggie latin cuisine.

sold out: mushroom ceviche with tortilla chips.


Discover-Delia's Chicken Sausage Slingers

Photo Credit:: Danielle Deadwyler

Anthony Bourdain is a known lover of all tubular shaped foods.
Generally, all Americans are too; though Delia's Chicken
Sausage Stand
in East Atlanta does the tube a little bit
differently: organically raised chickens only and no pork
casing. Behold: "The Three Way".