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Capital City Cheer


As a child, I’d stand on the back seat of our early 1980s compact car in anticipation of a pitstop at the golden arches, while we drove to the Amtrak station in Gainesville, Georgia, to pick up family arriving for Christmas. Today, I’m no longer staring out the rear windows watching the moon follow me, but I still love the crescendo of traveling. Like the hook of a catchy radio hit, my visit to O Little Town of Richmond, Virginia, is replaying in my head and reminding me of happy holidays.

My mind is racing down the cobblestone sidewalks of Jackson Ward, once known as the Black Wall Street. I’m picturing Maggie Walker, the first woman — black or white — to establish and become president of a bank in the United States. I wonder if dandily dressed Virginia Union University students grabbed handfuls of

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Dining :: Richmond, VA

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In early May, I ate my way through RVA.  Richmond, without a doubt, is steeped in history and has staked its claim as a must-do foodie destination. I've created a map detailing my journey. Thanks to the folks at Visit Richmond and partners for feeding me a slice of home.

Want to see or hear more about the capital of Virgina?  Listen to Hot Grease, Episode 151 and browse my Rolling RVA pinterest board.