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Dining :: Richmond, VA

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In early May, I ate my way through RVA.  Richmond, without a doubt, is steeped in history and has staked its claim as a must-do foodie destination. I've created a map detailing my journey. Thanks to the folks at Visit Richmond and partners for feeding me a slice of home.

Want to see or hear more about the capital of Virgina?  Listen to Hot Grease, Episode 151 and browse my Rolling RVA pinterest board. 


Dining :: Melbourne, Australia

Dining in Australia was divine (despite not grubbing on meat pies). Here are my recommendations for meals and and the best places to sip VIC wine and cider.

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Melbourne on Hot Grease

Nicole Taylor is back and reporting on her experiences at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival! She talks about the coffee culture in the Australian city, as well as the prevalence of re-purposed shipping containers in Melbourne. Later, Nicole plays an interview with food historian Aunty Carolyn Briggs about Aboriginal cuisine, and the parallels it shares with Southern foodways. Nicole also interviewed Chef Sean Brock down under! Listen to hear Sean talk West African influences on Charleston food and his time way way south.

Read more Nicole's trip here.


Westin Buckhead Atlanta on Hot Grease

The traveling down south episode, Nicole talks about traveling with Audra Edwards, the Sales Manager at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta. Nicole and Audra talk about planning vacations, as well as significance of the AAA and Forbes Travel Guide star ratings. Donnet Bruce is in the studio, and she shares some of her favorite South Florida hotel restaurants and bars. Find out where to get some great hole-in-the-wall Jamaican food! 

Listen here and read more.


St Croix on Hot Grease

Summer is here and Nicole Taylor celebrates with a show on St. Croix cooking with Chef Evelyn Paul. Learn about life on the islands and some of the native fruits and foods that make it such a unique culinary spot. From Caribbean plums to fresh local beef, find out more about local cuisine in St. Croix. Hear how chef Evelyn Paul fell in love with cooking professional and how she interprets her island influences in her dishes. Find out her top 5 tourist spots and get yourself in a summer state of mind.

Listen here and read more.